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    Roof cleaning is an essential part of your overall home maintenance plan. 

    Having consistent inspections and applying some preventative actions will go a long way in extending the life span of the most crucial part of your home.

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    Roofing Maintenance and Inspection

    Before even considering any form of cleaning or washing, we first recommend having an inspection done. With the right professionals, you will get the right advice on how to best approach ongoing and future maintenance and cleaning. You should plan to have your roof inspected at least twice a year, and of course after severe weather. Look for some of the obvious things like broken, buckling, or missing shingles, rust and residue in gutters, and discoloring of tiles. Again, it is best if a qualified contractor comes out and does it as they’ll know to look for elements that are otherwise minuscule to our eyes.

    The best thing you can do for your roof is to keep it maintained on a consistent basis. Inspection and cleaning are a part of it. But there’s more that can be done (even by yourself) to elongate the life of your roof. Some of the basic action steps that can be taken are as follows:

    • Remove debris from the top.
    • Keep it clear by raking away with a vinyl rake.
    • Trim branches hanging over the roof.
    • Remove mold and algae with a good cleaning agent.

    Soft Washing, NOT Pressure Washing

    The most common type of material used in residential properties (i.e. homes) is asphalt shingles. Ask any reputable roofer and you will get a big NO if you ask them to pressure wash your asphalt laden roof. Over the years, we have come to know better than to power wash a roof (except maybe concrete or metal roof).

    Why though, you ask? Why is it not a good idea to pressure wash your roof? I mean the neighbors just did it and theirs is looking mighty shiny, I want the same you say. No, you don’t, and here’s why. While yes, in the short-term any roof that has been pressure washed will shine bright. What really happens is it drops a few years from its life span. You see, when that full pressurized stream of water hits those shingles, the protective layering (also known as granules) also gets washed away. This leaves your roof exposed to the bright sun rays, the heavy drops of rain, and all the other elements of mother nature.

    So if not pressure washing, then how are we supposed to get all that grime, mold, and algae off our roofs? Enter soft washing – an alternative yet completely safe form of pressure washing. It’s basically a combination of water, biodegradable chemicals sprayed out in the form of high volume and low pressure. A completely safe yet powerful method of cleaning your roof and getting rid of all the bacteria and mold that may have been slowly devouring the shingles one by one.

    Soft washing a roof in Richardson TX.

    Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

    Um, yes – now go buy our cleaning services! What, that didn’t convince you? Ok fine, here are some legitimate reasons to get that roof cleaned on a regular basis.

    Why you should do it?

    Here's one simple truth - you do not need to have any servicing done for the first couple of years. That protective we spoke earlier about does a pretty good job of keeping everything running smoothly. However, as time goes on and those shingles start to age, so does that coating. When that happens, it weakens, and that's when bacteria, mold, and algae strike by slowly making their way underneath.We strive on being completely transparent and honest with our customers. So live carefree for the first few years, but definitely plan on at the very least having an inspection done very soon after.

    What happens if you don't do it?

    It just starts to look plain bad. As you continue to keep driving up to your home after those long days of work, you'll start to notice that roof getting darker and darker. You'll see black spots and streaks running wild all over your once beautiful roof. Besides the deteriorating aesthetics, the real danger is in the weakening of the shingles material and the overall structure. There'll come a point where you'll start to see leaks and repair jobs.

    When should you do it?

    This is highly subjective and in the end, it depends on the weather conditions of your area. Definitely plan to have at least one cleaning a year if you're living in humid weather conditions. Whatever the case we advise everyone to have a couple of inspections a year with one accompanying cleaning.

    What Cleaning Procedure Is Best-Suited For My Roof?

    Each roof type brings with it its own set of maintenance and cleaning requirements. Yes, there’s overlap in between but it is imperative to follow the below guidelines for your specific roof type.

    The commonly seen asphalt roof in Richardson TX

    Asphalt Roofs

    Most commonly seen in residential areas, asphalt tiles are prominently used for good reason. The primary benefit being low maintenance. It gets to this status because of the protective layering it comes with. This very layer protects your home from dirt, bacteria, mold and so much more. The best advice given to any homeowner is to never ever pressure wash your roof. This very act strips away the coating that once protected your property from the dozen or so nuances of mother nature. You should also avoid any harsh chemicals such as bleach as it can not only cause damage but also cause discoloring.

    Wood Shake Roofs

    So you won't see this type very often. It is made from exactly what its namesake implies - wood. With wood, you won't see as long a life span as with the others on this list. It is the polar opposite of an asphalt roof in that it requires heavy upkeep. You will need to have your finger on the pulse if you are to keep your wood shake roof in tip-top shape. Simply hosing down with natural cleaning agents is the best form of cleaning for this.

    Concrete Tile roof in Richardson TX

    Clay/Concrete Tile

    As with the above variations, clay or concrete tile roofs also should not be pressure washed. This will damage the coating and also the paint. In the case that it was power washed, then you would want to have it re-coated and painted to return to its original quality. This will be a lower-cost alternative, especially when compared to complete roof replacement. You also want to avoid walking on these tiles as much as possible as tiles are particularly fragile and can crumble under heavy pressure. One maintenance tip is to periodically wipe it with a dry cloth.

    A rare cedar shake roof in Richardson TX

    Cedar Shake Roofs

    Very similar to wood shake in terms of maintenance. The one outstanding aspect of keeping a cedar shake roof in prime quality is to allow for ventilation. In order to allow that we need to keep it clean and free of any blocking debris. Only resort to pressure washing if moss or algae buildup is evident.