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    Washing your home exterior can be a tricky one, simply due to all the various methods available.

    Richard Pressure Washing ensures your home is cleaned in a way that not only restores its beauty but also doing it without damaging the surface with unnecessary high-pressure methods.

    Why Choose Our House Washing Service

    • We are a local home-grown Richardson house washing business that simply gets the job done in a quality and efficient manner.
    • You won’t see us using some rusty old equipment. No, we pride in using well-maintained, industry-standard tools that assists us in making your property glisten.
    • A tool is only as good as its user. Our team consists of experts with years of experience completing cleaning and washing jobs for all types of surfaces.
    • It is often said you can only have two out of the following three: quality, speed, cost-effective. We’re out to prove this wrong. Once you give us a shot, you will never need to go searching for another pressure washing company.
    • Residential or commercial, our goal is to provide the right cleaning job for your specific case. Too often, we see other contractors using the one-size-fits-all approach which we couldn’t disagree with more. We take the time to analyze your situation, to advise, and let you make the ultimate decision on how you’d like us to proceed.

    So if you are currently looking for a house washing service in Richardson, TX, then give us a call (214-817-4049) or fill out the short contact form to get your complete Free quote today!

    How We Power Wash House

    It’s easy enough for Joe the neighbor to rent or borrow a pressure washer and spray away at your home. Yes, the immediate results will be outstanding and he can’t help but pat himself on the back for a job well done. What he does not realize nor can immediately see is the amount of damage he has done to his home. By now you may be wondering how could the tough surface of your home be so easily damaged. Read on through to the next section to find out.

    Just know that each home, each building substrate comes with its own level of protective abilities and tolerance. We understand this and is why our approach to washing homes varies from one customer to the next.

    Low Pressure House Washing

    House power washing - Should you do it?

    Before we go into what exactly soft washing is, we need to understand why we need it. So why use this method? Why not get any old power washing equipment and douse your property with a highly pressurized stream of water?

    It’s because most sidings are not designed or built to take on that level of pressure. You will seldom (if ever) see the rain coming down at that rate. When a vinyl siding is pressure washed, the water seeps into the walls causing a whole lot of moisture. This, in turn, encourages the growth of moss and algae from the outside through to the inside of your home. Sooner or later, you start to notice dampness inside your home. All these impact your property’s structure as well as your health. That right, the algae, moss, and mildew can cause respiratory issues (especially to young, developing children).

    Soft washing vinyl siding on a Richardson, TX home.

    Why Soft Washing?

    Alright, alright I get it, you say. So how is one to keep their home exterior clean then? Enter Soft washing. This low-pressure method is simply pressure washing dialed down to a point where it is still effective in cleansing the outer layer all the while sustaining its protective capabilities. It is not simply a case of low pressure though, we use a higher volume of water mixed with a bio-degradable chemical. This combination has proven to just as effective (if not more) in achieving stellar results.

    With this method, you will still find no traces of algae, mold, moss or dirt. You will see the same aesthetic results. What you won’t find is surface damage affecting your home wall’s life span, nor introducing health-affecting micro-organisms swarming through your home.

    Power wash house in Richardson, TX.

    Unique Methods For Your Unique Siding

    As we all know, not every house is built the same and the same goes for its sidings. Every varying substrate comes with its own set of washing and caring requirements. Unfortunately, a lot of house washing companies take this matter lightly and blindly use incompatible procedures. Not us. We take the appropriate amount of time to carefully analyze each one of our customer’s property before suggesting and advising on how to proceed with the washing service.

    There are a few types of commonly-found sidings: fiber cement, vinyl, and cedar.

    With a vinyl siding, you will notice that it does not absorb liquid substances as much. This helps the surface stay stain-free. The downside is that it tends to be quite the magnet for pollutants which means it does indeed get dirtier than other siding types. The good news is with proper cleaning it can regain its once beautiful look.

    If you notice stains quite regularly then you most likely are dealing with a cedar siding. Moreover, once the top layering begins to lose its protective capabilities the algae and fungus waste no time in entering into the walls. On the bright side, because of the top-most protective layering, the surface does not very easily show dirt. It’s important to note that cleaning results will not be as stunning as that with a vinyl siding and one should set expectations accordingly.

    Is It Even Necessary?

    Yes! So stop reading this and give Richard Pressure Washing a call already!

    What, that wasn’t convincing enough for ya?

    Very well then, here are just a few (of many) reasons why this is one of those services you want to be done at least once a year.