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    • It’s the only thing we do, indeed we are specialists. While a lot of the other Richardson pressure washing companies do it as just another one of their services, we are all in. Meaning power washing is all we do! Our goal, our mission is to keep our beautiful city and neighborhood clean and sparkling.
    • We stand out by using only the best equipment for each unique job. Industry-standard equipment such as high-pressure surface area washers and cleaners, top-notch vacuum reclamation machines, and powerful floor sweepers.
    • Professional expert washers – as it is said, the tool is only good as its user. It’s a good thing then that our team is packed with knowledgeable and experienced individuals. Armed with the best tools on the market, it’s no wonder our customers receive consistently efficient and high-quality cleaning service. A washing service that leaves no unclean spots, and ultimately the entire area clean as a whistle.
    • Affordable starting cost without sacrificing quality – regardless of the project at hand, we aim to provide competitive pricing.
    • A power washing business that is located in Richardson, Texas and serves the city primarily, and also near, surrounding areas.

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    Richardson Pressure Washing Services (Commercial & Residential)

    We do residential and commercial pressure washing projects. The following are our most prominently used offerings.

    Home wash service in Richardson TX

    Building Washing

    We do building exteriors, be it a residential house washing or a commercial building washing. Keep your property consistently shining and polished.


    For the not so hard surfaces, soft washing is the perfect fit. With just as much cleaning power packed within this service, you will get all the benefits without risking any damage to the painting or the general surface area.

    Pressure washing concrete driveway in Richardson home.

    Concrete Washing

    As durable as it is, concrete can also withstand a lot of the dirt and grime. Whether it is driveway cleaning or walkways you need addressing, we can help it look like its original self. Help lengthen its life span, keep your entryways sparkling, and increase your curb appeal by utilizing our service.

    Removing graffiti using power washing in Richardson TX.

    Graffiti Removal

    It can be quite the eyesore in your otherwise perfect neighborhood. Don’t let vandalism and unwanted art impose your town, let us help wipe it clean. We do it efficiently and affordably!

    Chewing Gum Removal

    This is probably our most popular service and for good reason. You can't walk a few steps without spotting those pesky gums tightly coupled to the ground. While seemingly impossible to remove, our team of pros and their equipment will prove otherwise as they do away with those dark spots rapidly.

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    When To Set Up A Service Appointment

    In terms of exterior pressure or power washing we suggest our customers utilize this service at the following times:

    Home Pressure Cleaning

    • When a good old hosing down does not do the trick. It’s recommended to hose down your house at the turn of every season. If you find that no matter the amount of pressure applied, some spots are stains simply will not go away then it might be time to call the professionals. Leaving these spots as they are for an extended period of time will only add to the eventual cost.
    • When you are putting your house on the market (i.e. selling your home). Unless you want potential buyers making their decision before entering the house it would be best to get a good exterior house washing done beforehand. Not only will it help expedite the sale process, but it will increase the value of your home.
    • When stains are noticeable in plain sight. When you can make out a stain whilst driving up to your home that’s never a good sign. If you can see it, chances are your neighbors and your guests can also see it.
    Pressure washing a house siding in Richardson TX


    • I’m sure you know how a wooden fence looks like after a good old hail storm, and in our area, we tend to get hit every couple of years (if not more frequently).  Those stains are not going to go away by themselves. This is when a good pressure washing will do away with those eye-sore stains.
    Fence pressure washing in Richardson TX.

    Concrete (driveway cleaning, sidewalks, etc)

    • Stains or areas with mildew on concrete are perhaps the most glaringly obvious call for a good wash.

    • For those whose concrete driveway seemingly looks clean, we encourage you to at least have it cleaned every other year. You will be surprised how ‘clean’ your concrete flooring really was after the pressure wash.
    Power washing concrete in Richardson TX

    How Does It Work?

    The last thing we want to do is have our customers and clients go through a long, convoluted, and unnecessary process just to get their property looking good again. No, that’s not what we are about at all. In fact, one of our objectives as a pressure washing company is to keep it simple while providing the absolute best service in all of Collin County.

    So when you call Richard Pressure Washing Pros, you can expect to talk to one of our qualified professionals. They will listen to what you are needing, review and provide a detailed analysis and a rough estimate of what you can expect in terms of timing and price. Sometimes it’s not possible to do this without looking at the property first so we may schedule a convenient time for you where one of our experts can come out and give an accurate estimation. We encourage our customers to ask questions or bring up any concerns as this helps gain clarity between both parties and further helps us be as transparent as possible.

    Once you, the customer, have agreed to the quoted price we work diligently to schedule a convenient appointment time for yourself. No, you need not be present at the time of service so if you’d rather have us come out and do our thing while you are at work or away then we can surely accommodate.

    Before we carry out the service, we also discuss the allotted time to complete, any safety concerns, and other such details. This will help you notify tenants, family members, personnel in a timely manner. In turn, it will help us carry out our work in an efficient and quality manner.

    Our goal is to become your go-to Richardson power wash company, so give us a chance (by calling 214-817-4049) and get that lingering chore out of the way today!

    Pressure Washing Basics

    Sometimes we want to be able to do things ourselves and we get that. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are thinking about performing the service yourself.

    Equipment Type

    There are two types of power washers you need to be aware of: Gas and Electric. Each has its benefits and downsides.

    • Gas pressure washer – the obvious advantage here is that it can go cordless and while doing so generally performs better. Due to its raw power, gas pressure washers are reserved for the larger projects. The downside here is the level of maintenance in tuneups and oil changes.

    • Electric pressure washer – it is considered safer as it does not give off harmful fumes, and there is little to no maintenance. The downside, however, is it will simply not suffice for large areas or those that contain the tougher stains.


    It is crucial to pick the correct nozzle for a given job. The narrower a nozzle the lesser the pressure, and vice versa. The most common type of nozzles are color-coded and are as follows:

    • Black – With a spraying angle of 65 degrees, the black nozzle is the softest out of the lot. You won’t be using it to remove any stains or dirt. Rather, it is merely used to wet the area before the big guns come in.

    • White – It is best used for jobs such as exterior house wash or windows or siding. It sprays at an angle of 40 degrees and is considered the easiest to use.

    • Green – Alright, things are getting serious now. Spraying at an angle of 25 degrees, the green nozzle is suited for your car or your home exterior (think patio deck)

    • Yellow – The next time you see the concrete you are walking on topped with grime and gum, think yellow! It generates a 15-degree angled spray, which will clear that seemingly permanent surface.

    • Red – Usually meaning danger, the red nozzle is appropriately color-coded as such. Use it with caution as it produces a spray at zero degrees – the highest pressure of them all. Never get too close and just be very careful while using it.
    Types of nozzles on a pressure washer.